35 Ml Virgin Organic Natural Coconut 100% Oil Hair Serum | Dry and Damaged Hair Treatment

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The formula has been developed to suit all skin types.


  • Mistine Virgin Organic Coconut Hair Serum 35ml
  • DESCRIPTION It is a hair serum substances extracted coconut oil 100% pure and foremost. Silky, shiny hair Hair restoration and protection I ended problems Improve my health and natural beauty.
  • Coconut oil helps some part of your body more beautiful. 1. Hair and scalp : We can fix dry hair and dandruff simultaneously. Using a coconut oil hair before shampooing. In this step, coconut oil will add moisture to the scalp in the. I recommend you use it in moderation. Otherwise the hair and scalp will it. 2. Eye : Try one of the many eye cream. Brand already does not work anymore. Try coconut oil droplets. Skin around the eyes before sleeping to see it. 3. Face and body : Women with dry skin, whether it’s winter or summer, your skin needs moisture regularly. So do not forget to buy coconut oil for home use. When I took the paint dry immediately. 4. Elbows, knees and heels : Point where the service is running dry of moisture from coconut oil at all. Just paint a circle around the area to once a day. Dry skin cells are gradually lost, leaving a soft surface only. 5. Relaxing aroma : Try using coconut oil instead of massage oil look like it helped create an atmosphere and scent of a virtual tour in the seaside resort was incredible.


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