Amazology RAINFOREST Men’s Natural Hair Gel with Aloe, Açaí Oil, Ucuúba Oil & Passion Fruit Seed Oil, 3 fl oz

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There’s no substitute for the pure, organic ingredients found in nature. Amazology is a premium brand of products for men, formulated in the USA, using all-natural ingredients sourced from within the Amazon Rainforest.

Developed with vitamins, extracts and essential oils, every ingredient in the natural formulation of Amazology FORTIFY Men’s Controlling Hair Gel has a unique purpose-to provide a natural looking hold for any style while nourishing the hair and scalp with protective antioxidants such as Açaí Oil. Ucuúba Oil restores vitality to damaged hair and also helps treat dryness and improve scalp circulation.

There’s Vitamin B6 in this high performance hair gel which helps to improve hair health by giving it a brilliant boost of shine. Extracts of Grapefruit and Ginger stimulate scalp circulation and leave hair with a subtle, refreshing scent.

Define your style with the maximum benefits of this hair gel. It will fortify your look while improving the health of your hair. FOR BEST RESULTS: Use following REIGN Men’s Strengthening Shampoo and DRENCH Revitalizing Men’s Conditioner.

About the Brand:
Amazology is a naturally-inspired premium brand of skin care, hair care and body care products specially formulated for men. All products are powered by the most effective and cherished organic ingredients responsibly sourced from the Amazon Rainforest. We retain a resounding commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. A percentage of our annual profit is donated to causes whose main purpose is to provide support for projects which prevent and combat deforestation, as well as for the conservation and sustainable use of forests in the Amazon Biome.


  • WHAT IT DOES… Offers a natural look while providing maximum hold for any style. Works to restore the health of your hair and scalp. Freshens hair and fragranced with light citrus notes.
  • WHERE IT COMES FROM… FORTIFY Men’s Controlling Hair Gel is formulated with a superior blend of certified organic ingredients such as Açaí Oil, Ucuúba Oil, and Passion Fruit Seed Oil, manifested naturally in the Amazon Rainforest.
  • HOW IT WORKS… Açaí Oil purifies and protects hair with antioxidants while Passion Fruit Seed Oil infuses hair and scalp with moisture. Ucuúba Oil balances scalp and restores hair’s vitality. Aloe Leaf Juice treats dryness and eases scalp irritation as Oriza Sativa Rice Bran Oil softens the hair.
  • WHO BENEFITS FROM USING IT… Men who appreciate the highest quality products derived from nature, free of harmful artificial dyes, sulfates and parabens. Anyone who uses styling products to shape and hold hair in place with a natural look and feel will love this product.
  • WHY YOU’LL LOVE IT… Amazology combines science with nature to create a unique line of powerful solutions for men that can revitalize and fortify their well-being to help improve quality of life. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee ensures that, if for any reason you are not completely satisfied, you may return the product within 30 days for a full refund.


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