Avigal Henna 100% Natural Hair Color COPPER Reddish Gold 4.5 Oz.

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Use on browns, blacks and reds for
a rich red copper look.
Chemical-based hair color is not an option for many consumers: allergies, pregnancy, color-resistant hair, and sensitive scalps prevent many from using chemical colors. A new study linking chemical color to brain tumors and other health concerns is now impelling many former users to search for a viable alternative. Happily, there is an answer: Avigal® Henna, the 100% natural hair colorant.
Henna is the Pulverized leaves, roots and stems of the Lawsonia plant family: Lawsonia Inermis, Lawsonia Elba and Lawsonia Spinoza. When mixed with hot water and applied to the hair in a paste mixture, these leaves create subtle and natural highlights to all shades of hair without drying or chemically altering the structure of the hair.


  • Contains no chemicals or food dyes – only the purest blend of Lawsonia plants.
  • Can be used over any type of hair – bleached, permed, streaked or virgin.
  • Adds body, texture and bounce.
  • Controls split ends, leaving hair manageable.
  • Helps condition dull hair abused by chemicals.


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